The roadrunner is the state bird of New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, and so of course it doesn't fly.  Rather, being a ground cuckoo, it runs very fast, having been clocked racing along at 20 mph.  My adopted state is also known for such great historical figures as Billy the Kid (born Henry McCarty in New York City, aka William Bonney et al.), the infamous old western outlaw killer.  Then there's the TV show Breaking Bad about basically good but complex characters who go wrong in a big way.  In short, the bird we admire most can't get off the ground, and the people associated with our culture are notorious criminals.  No wonder the unofficial slogan here is "The Land of Entrapment: come on vacation, leave on probation."   
But there is so much more going on in New Mexico, such as:
  • The Gathering of Nations Pow Wow every April in Albuquerque
  •  The Roswell UFO Festival in July
  •  The Santa Fe Opera in the summers
  •   The Whole Enchilada Fiesta in Las Cruces every September, recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for a single enchilada measuring 30 feet in diameter  and being filled with 75 pounds of red chile sauce, 175 pounds of grated cheese and 30 pounds of grated onions.
  • The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta every October
Just to provide a few illustrative images of the life so far of Roadrunner Estate Pipes' owner and restorer, I offer this perhaps dubious rapid chronology of my growth.  From left to right: my late beloved grandfather, LeRoy F. Grannis, the world-renowned pioneer mainland U.S. surfer and photographer of the sport with me at about age two on his lap; my grandparents, mother, older sister and me when I was six (yes, that is I on the right in my official Junior NASA jumpsuit, a gift from an astronaut friend of my mom's); me when I was 15, the year before I started keeping my curly hair short enough to part and look straight, with my great-grandparents, sister, mother and grandfather; and a selfie I took a while back at my local tobacconist enjoying a favorite very vintage Peterson Liverpool made in the Republic of Ireland and re-fitted with a Cumberland stem originally attached to a Peterson manufactured in France.  [Now there's a confounding combination of contradictory concepts for pipe aficionados!]  
Product Quality
Exchanges or Returns
Roadrunner Estate Pipes offers quality estate tobacco pipes at value prices.  They are all restored to like-new or as cloase as possible condition and thoroughly sanitized and cleaned using industry standards.  For most wood pipes, that means retorting, or boiling 190-proof grain alcohol (Everclear), through the pipe until all impurities are removed.  Others, such as meerschaum, require different methods.  However the pipe is cleaned, it is ready to smoke when received.  NO PIPE IS SOLD WITH "FATAL" FLAWS SUCH AS BURNOUTS OR CRACKS, EXCEPT WHEN THE LATTER HAVE BEEN REPAIRED AND BANDED IN THE SHANK.   Basic pipe cleaning, refurbishing and full restoration services are also offered for customers with their own pipes needing work.
​​All estate pipe sales are 100% guaranteed, and USPS Priority 2-Day shipping is free for domestic customers.   In the unlikely event that there is a problem, I ask that you contact me to attempt to resolve the situation.  However, if we cannot reach a solution or you are simply unsatidfied for any reason, just exchange* or return the pipe within 10 days of receipt (which is tracked) at your expense in a condition that can be returned to the way it was when you received it, unless of course it was damaged during delivery for which you will not be held responsible.  A full refund of the sale price will be made promptly.  I expect all of my customers to try smoking their "new" restored pipes, and that would be  considered normal wear and tear.  So far nobody has ever returned a pipe, and my Testimonials are glowing.  *Exchanges subject to same price.